Poppystreet 4

Let's get the music going

Hello friends,

I'm happy to tell you that the 4th album of Poppy Street is being written. The writing started two years ago. It's a long time but I wanted to take my time, to react to the album The Explorer which was produced intensively which was quite difficult, leaving less desire for communication once the release was done.

The format? CD? Streaming? Where are we at?

I think we can officially say that the CD is no longer part of our lives. The shelves are deserted and sales on the subject are non-existent. The new generation listens in streaming and I am part of that generation. Some major American retailers have removed this department from their stores in recent months.

I had been resistant to Streaming for years because it is simply not profitable for artists and even less so for independent artists compared to CD.
Today I have another opinion, other desires, the feeling that we have to move forward and adapt. I'm not going to defend the CD all my life when I'm not really interested in it anymore.

I recently bought several albums from artists. These albums were MP3s. I haven't even downloaded them, I'm listening to them streaming on Spotify.

Other idea:

Simply make Poppy Street music completely free on streaming platforms and sell derivative products around the album whether it is T-shirts, Tabs, backing track, or even pedago videos. I wouldn't fall into the sale of USB flash drives with the album in them I don't like this product I find it beside the point. I still have other less standard ideas that I keep under my elbow:).

What about the promotion?

Promotion is one of the weak points of Poppy Street because I have always done a lot (too much) retention on music or videos. I didn't want people who didn't buy the album to access its content for free. Today this feeling has disappeared because the streaming platforms have broken this physical link. You want videos, teasers, lives, playthroughs, tips etc. The image must participate and is an integral part of today's music. The people we see on video are the ones who'exist' in this world. There are tons of fabulous guitarists that we never see on the Internet and who are not part of the 2.0 generation. Alas, they are forgotten.

In the same way, some of the old generation guitarists are now promoting themselves continuously on Instagram, Youtube, FB and it doesn't seem to serve them, quite the contrary.


I wanted to talk to you about all this because these are very important topics in music and even more so when you start creating an album.

This 4th album is ambitious. In search of the big sound that hits the mark, of the surprising composition that takes place in appreciable coherence, of the musical identity that will seek new things, of the moving subtlety...

There is still a lot of work to be done but I am very confident. We'll meet here in a few months for the launch of the 4th.

Franck Graziano