Hello !

I am 35 years old and I live in Lyon, France.
I love going out to laugh with my friends, electronics, and of course make music.

Poppy Street is the instrumental group I started in 2009. He has 3 independent albums to his credit that you can get on this site if he tells you.

This solo project allowed me to join the team of the French magazine Guitar Part for 5 wonderful years. I invited several exceptional French guitarists (Christophe Godin, Arno NeoGeoFanatic, Alex Cordo, June Bouvier, Florent Passamonti, Roman Rouzine) to play on the 2nd album. I also transcribed the guitar songbooks of Patrick Rondat and Christophe Godin. On stage Poppy Street opened for Marcus Miller at the Guitare En Scène festival and also jammed with the virtuoso Christophe Godin from Mörglbl several times as well as Mattias Ia Eklundh from Freak Kitchen.

I play PRS SC Tremonti USA guitar, D'ADDARIO 10-46 strings, DUNLOP Tortex Sharp 1mm pick. I recently started using FRIEDMAN BE-50 Deluxe amp with BLACKSTAR Artisan 2*12" cab "equipped with a G12H30 and a V30. My pedalboard is composed of DUNLOP wahwah signature Zakk Wylde, 2 EVENTIDE H9,  EVENMIDI H9 & Pitchy midi controllers & Amp switcher, XOTIC Ep Bootser, BOSS FV500H or DUNLOP Volume X Mini pedal volume, 1 LINE6 G50 wireless, EVENTIDE PowerFactor 2 power supply, PEDALTRAIN PT-2 pedalboard, PLANET WAVES and KLOTZ cables.